Prosperity Through Property

A simple yet powerful guide to experience financial freedom through investing in South Africa

Prosperity Through Property Book: R280
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This is a must-read for anyone wanting to become a property investor or an investor who needs to reignite their passion or knowledge.

Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property


PART 1 - Experience financial freedom

  • Chapter 1 – Why is financial freedom so important?
  • Chapter 2 – Manage your personal finances

PART 2 - Why should you invest in property?

  • Chapter 3 – Property price growth in South Africa
  • Chapter 4 – Using leverage to maximise your returns
  • Chapter 5 – Buying property at a discount
  • Chapter 6 – The economic fundamentals of property
  • Chapter 7 – Understanding the cash flow of property

PART 3 - Structuring

  • Chapter 8 – Why is structuring so important?
  • Chapter 9 – The different entities you can buy property in

PART 4 - How to build your property portfolio

  • Chapter 10 – The different property investment strategies
    you can use
  • Chapter 11 – The ideal property investment
  • Chapter 12 – Learning how to invest in property by playing
  • Chapter 13 – How to submit an Offer to Purchase
  • Chapter 14 – How to obtain financing
  • Chapter 15 – Building your investment team
  • Chapter 16 – Using software to build and manage your
    property portfolio

PART 5 - Understanding the Numbers of Property Investment

  • Chapter 17 – The formulas of property investment
  • Chapter 18 – Your reserve fund and interest rates

PART 6 - Managing your Property Portfolio

  • Chapter 19 – Vetting your tenants
  • Chapter 20 – The monthly management of your
    property portfolio
  • Chapter 21 – The lease agreement
  • Chapter 22 – Keeping your properties in shipshape
  • Chapter 23 – The importance of property inspections
  • Chapter 24 – Evicting a tenant

PART 7 - Get out there and Get Going

  • Chapter 25 – Facing your fears and failures





Jaco does an amazing job of setting a practical framework required for property investing success. The book is written in a down-to-earth, easily understandable way, making the subject approachable and accessible.

David Beattie, Author of The Expert Landlord

About The Book

Learn how to become financially free by investing in property.

Money is important. But most people spend very little time planning for their financial freedom, because of their perceptions about money. In fact, people spend about 2,000 hours working for money in a year, some spend much more time than this, but they spend less than two hours planning what they are going to do with that money and how they are going to build their financial freedom. The balance is completely off.

Start building your property empire today with your personal property expert in your pocket to help guide and advise you.

Prosperity through Property is a simple yet powerful guide to experience financial freedom through property investing in South Africa.

Jaco's understanding and experience of property and finance allow him to deliver a simplistic but powerful property message for property investors all over South Africa and the world.

Neale Petersen, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Real Estate Investor

This book provides a step-by-step guide to developing a property investment strategy and putting it into action in a South African context. Jaco challenges your beliefs about money, debt, and wealth, and demonstrates what can be achieved with focus, purpose, and dedication.

Miguel Martins, ABSA Home Loans

About The Author

Jaco Grobbelaar is a successful property investor, structuring specialist and international speaker. He founded Prosperity Enterprises to equip individuals to build their property portfolios through education, structuring and support. As a former CFO and highly qualified financial specialist with an excellent academic background, Jaco has traded and operated across Africa.

By becoming a CFA Charterholder, and building his own significant property portfolio means that he not only understands finance but simplifies financial and structuring concepts for property investors all over South Africa and the world.


Prosperity Through Property Book: R280
Nationwide Delivery (3 – 5 Working Days): R95