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Puns aside, have you considered your investment structure.

At Prosperity Enterprises, we believe everything starts with your WHY. And we are going to tell you why you should use trusts as your investment structure. The correct investment structure is the foundation of entering the property investment game. Trusts offer the following benefits:
  • Financing Capability to Purchase Property
  • Full Asset Protection
  • Continuity of Ownership of Assets
  • No Executor’s Fees or Estate Duties Payable at Death
  • Great Tax Benefits

In his books, Robert Kiyosaki often states that the rich control everything, but they own nothing. This is exactly what a trust is. It’s a vehicle used to control assets, but you do not own it. How do trusts work? A trust is established by the founder who then appoints trustees to manage the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries (yourself, your spouse, your children and their decedents or a charity of your choice). The trust used to build your investment portfolio is a living trust, also called an inter-vivos trust or discretionary trust.

A trust enables you to effectively invest in property and other assets and build a significantly larger property investment portfolio than what you would be able to in your name. It enables you to build and leave a legacy.

Contact us today to learn more about trusts and why they are an awesome structure for your investments.

Because trust us, you need trusts!