We at Prosperity Enterprises have a VISION to be the leading global wealth company that simplifies investing and gives every person the ability to live a prosperous life.

We love to challenge the stigmas surrounding investments and wealth creation.


We strive to equip and empower you to live your best life today through our VALUES:

  • We believe everything flows from our WHY.
  • We believe every person should live out their PASSION in life.
  • We believe life should be BALANCED and in HARMONY.
  • We believe in HONESTY, especially to yourself.
  • We believe life should be filled with ABUNDANCE and GENEROSITY.
  • We believe in SIMPLICITY.
  • We believe in creating a CULTURE where our clients, staff, and other stakeholders can experience these VALUES every day.


Jaco Grobbelaar is a successful property investor, structuring specialist and international speaker. He founded Prosperity Enterprises to equip individuals to build their property portfolios through education, structuring and support.

As a former CFO and highly qualified financial specialist with an excellent academic background, Jaco has traded and operated across Africa.

Completing his CFA Level 1, 2 and 3, and building his own significant property portfolio means that he not only understands finance but simplifies financial and structuring concepts for property investors all over South Africa and the world.

Our people are highly qualified, passionate about wealth and are prosperity, and ready to help you be prosperous!