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Episode 1 Should you Buy Property in your Own Name a Company or a Trust Video

If you want to build up a property investment portfolio over your lifetime (which is the best way to build wealth), there is no other option than having a proper structure.

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Episode 2 How to Run your Property Portfolio like a Business Video

Many people try out investing in property. Often, they don’t succeed because they do not run their property portfolios like businesses.

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Episode 3 Top 10 Tips for Property Investors Video

With these tips from a property investment expert in your pocket, you’re sure to make a success of your first property investment.

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Episode 4 Should You Move Properties in your Own Name to a Company or Trust Video

What do you do when you already own a property or multiple properties in your name? Should you restructure your property investment portfolio or not?

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Episode 5 Should You Take Out a 30 Year Bond or a 20 Year Bond as a Property Investor Video

My personal benchmark and mantra for property investment is to buy as many properties as I can and pay them off as slowly as I possibly can as long as the return of the property (the capital appreciation and the net rental yield) is higher than the interest on the loan.

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Episode 6 How to Scale your Property Portfolio Video

The trick is to buy as many ASSETS that are appreciating in value and producing income as you possibly can. And that brings me to my point about leverage. The word leverage simply means to do more with less.

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Episode 7 How to Pay Less Tax with Property Video

Property investors are often advised to buy property in their name without knowing the tax implications of building a property portfolio in this way.

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Episode 8 12 Guidelines to Submitting an Offer to Purchase Video

If you’re going to take the property investment journey seriously, you’re going to submit many offers to purchase (OTP). Once you have submitted an OTP, you have signed a contract, and this is where property investment becomes real.

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Season 2 Episode 1 What Exactly is a Trust Video

For property investors, trusts open a world of possibilities. They offer a strategic advantage, safeguarding assets, enabling seamless estate planning, unlocking substantial financing capabilities, and providing remarkable tax benefits.

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Season 2 Episode 2 How to Use an Access Bond Video

Any savvy property investor understands the importance of leveraging smart financial tools to maximise their returns. One such powerful tool I am quite fond of is the access bond. But before getting into why I love it, let’s consider what access bonds are and how you can harness their power and grow your property portfolio.

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Season 2 Episode 3 Does it Still Make Sense to Invest in Property in South Africa Video

Property investment offers endless opportunities to unlock financial freedom. In our ever-changing world, this time-tested avenue is still one of the best ways to secure wealth and build prosperity.

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S2-E4-How-to-Buy-a-Property-Below-Market-Value - Video

In property everything is negotiable. Sellers don’t always act rationally, and there are many reasons why sellers urgently need to sell a property, and why they would sell it for less than its market value.

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How to Never Again Have a Shortfall on a Property Investment - Video

Traditionally, the notion of breaking even on a property investment seems like a distant dream, often taking several years to achieve. But we’re here to challenge this idea and tell you that you can acquire property that pays for itself from day one and breaks even from year one!

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How Refinancing Works in Property Investment - Video

Refinancing is to finance something again, typically with new loans at a lower rate of interest. The beauty of this strategy is that the refinanced funds are accessed tax-free since you don’t pay tax on refinanced money.

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Top Lessons Learned from Warren Buffet that can be Applied to Property Investment - Video

Although I primarily invest in property and not stocks as he does, I’ve learned so many principles from him that I apply to my property investment strategy. Here are some of my favourite quotes by or lessons from Warren Buffet.

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How to get out of the rat race video

How Investing in Property Can Help You Get Out of the Rat Race

Lily Tomlin said, “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” There is not a day that goes by that I don’t come across someone stuck in the rat race, and I feel so sorry for them. What has this world come to and when did we start allowing everything we allow?

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Why You Need At Least Two Trusts - Video

Trusts are critical to building and protecting your wealth if you want to create financial freedom. Still, few people understand the benefits of using trusts or how to use them correctly.

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You need a Family Trust where you can preserve wealth. This is a low- or no-risk trust primarily used to protect your assets.

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How to Build a Property Empire - Video

I started asking myself, how do you buy yourself rich? Then I realised the answer was simple! You purchase assets that appreciate and generate positive cash flow

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Choosing between off-plan and existing property depends on your preferences, risk tolerance, and specific needs. It’s essential to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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If you want to do something right in life, there is usually a process to follow. The same goes for property investment in the proper structure. Registering your trusts is only the first step in getting the right investment structure in place.

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One crucial aspect of estate planning that is always overlooked is the strategic placement of life insurance. My clients often ask me if they should move their life insurance to their Family Trust once it is set up, and I answer with a resounding, “Yes!”

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I have always been interested in property and wanted to build a property portfolio. Although I knew that investing in property could be lucrative, I was not fully aware of how lucrative. This quickly changed after my first property investment.

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Delayed gratification has become a rare virtue these days, but those who can wait benefit greatly from it. One of the biggest financial mistakes people make is to buy a primary residence that is not within their means.

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