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“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.” Robert Kiyosaki

Should You Buy Property in Your Name, a Company or a Trust?

  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Entities
  • Building a Bigger Property Portfolio through Structuring
  • Protecting your Properties with Trusts

5 Tips for Buying an Investment Property

  • Buy at a discount
  • Apply for 100% financing
  • Register the bond at or even above market value
  • Buy in an entity such as a trust
  • Refinance to market value as soon as you can

12 Guidelines to Submitting an Offer to Purchase

If you’re going to take the property investment journey seriously, you’re going to submit many offers to purchase (OTP). Once you have submitted an OTP, you have signed a contract, and this is where property investment becomes real.

3 Ways to Pay Less Tax with Property

  • Knowing your Tax Deductible Expenses
  • Structuring your Property Portfolio to Reduce Taxes
  • Using Refinancing to Reduce Taxes

Are you a Rat or a Fat Cat?

Surely there is more to life than work? Especially if you’re making someone else rich. My question is, what are you doing to get out of the rat race? Or are you going to keep running in circles for someone else forever?

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